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Matthew Skoller Band in Concert!

Matthew Skoller

On Saturday, June 6th, has a real treat in store for you!

The Matthew Skoller Band will come down from Chicago to deliver an amazing night of harmonica powered blues at the Rivoli Theatre.

If you were at last Fall’s Deep Blue Innovators Blues Festival, than you know that the Matthew Skoller Band nearly stole the show. Raw energy, passion and musicianship are the hallmarks of this hard working Chicago original.

Sally Weisenburg

Blues and jazz singer Sally Weisenburg and her band will open the show and will deliver a set of solid vocal-driven tunes to get the night rolling.

Mark your calendars for this exciting show – can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday night?

Tickets will be $12 at the door or $10 in advance, and will be available online this week and at local retailers next week. Doors to the Rivoli will open at 7pm and the music will get rocking at 7:30pm.

Matthew Skoller Band Website

Matthew Skoller Band MySpace Page

Sally Weisenburg MySpace Page

Kelly Rocks the High School

The Kelly Richey Band performed before the students of Monmouth-Roseville High School on Friday, March 13th. The students learned a bit about blues history and also had a chance to see how a master can shred on guitar.

The full story is here.

Kelly Richey in the News

With only a little over a day to go until the Kelly Richey Band hits the stage at the Rivoli, both regional papers are providing some exciting coverage of the event. Click the links below to read more.

Monmouth Review Atlas: Kelly Richey Band to perform Friday

Galesburg Register Mail: Richey brings blues to Maple City

Profile: The Kelly Richey Band


“Hey Monmouth! Kelly Richey here. Last time we were in town, we made lots of great new friends and we’re looking forward to seeing you again! Remember, you promised to be there when we came back AND you promised to bring your friends so we can have twice the fun as last time!!! We’ll see you there!”

Guitarist/singer Kelly Richey has been described as “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out,” by Vintage Guitar Magazine. “That makes a helluva picture, but it’s as close as words come to describing the talent of this musician.”

In addition to the Friday night concert, the Kelly Richey Band will be presenting a program to local students in an assembly at the Monmouth High School at 10am.

“It is a real boost to music education programs in our schools to have professional traveling musicians who are willing and eager to visit schools and share the music and their knowledge base with students,” said Lee Wiggins, choral director. “It is especially cool to have these musicians visit us in rural America who do not have ready access to concert venues and the wonderful musicians who frequent the larger urban communities.”

“Keeping music in our schools is an important mission,” Says Kelly, “so please help to spread the word and support music education any way you can!!!”

More information on The Kelly Richey Band, plus MP3s and video performances can be found online at

Profile: Rhythm Circus


Opening the Friday Kelly Richey Band show show will be Galesburg’s own Mike Budde’s Rhythm Circus. This energetic psychedelic blues-rock quartet is no stranger to extended, guitar-rich jamming, and they possess the musical chops to deliver a stunning opening performance. These guys are not sure if they are a rock band playin’ the blues or a blues band playin’ rock’n'roll but, they’re having a blast doin’ what they do.

The four members of The Rhythm Circus have all been professional musicians for many years with varied experiences. In 2006, they brought there skills and talents together to create a soulful energetic show that you must see live to believe. From bars in Galesburg, Peoria and Macomb to corporate events in the Chicago area these guys put every thing they got into every show. A tight, skilled and passionate performance pushed over the top with three part harmonies makes this show a real experience.

Mike Budde; guitar and lead vocals
Nathan Hahn; vocals and lead guitar
Jerry Wildbahn; vocals and bass guitar
Mike Krusa; drums and percussion

“We’re very excited to open the show,” said frontman Mike Budde. “The Kelly Richey Band is awesome… we just can’t wait!”

Kelly Richey Tickets Locally

Kelly Richey Band tickets for the March 13th show are now on sale locally!

You can find tickets here: Monmouth (Bijou Pub, Daw Violins, Patton Block Center), Galesburg (Cherry Street Guitar, MusicMakers, Capitol Music, Budde’s Pizza and Spirits), Macomb (Capitol Music) and Burlington (Weird Harolds).

Tickets are $10 in advance. You can also purchase tickets at the Rivoli on the night of the show for $12.

See you at the show!

Kelly Richey on

We’ve got our banner ad for the March 13 Kelly Richey Band show on the front page of the site:

Kelly Richey Tickets On Sale!

Kelly Richey tickets

Tickets to the Friday, March 13th concert, featuring Mike Budde’s Rhythm Circus and the jaw-dropping Kelly Richey Band, are now on sale at our online store. Tickets will also be on sale locally in early February.

To buy tickets online, click here.

Kelly Richey Event Poster

Look for these cool posters around town over the coming weeks:

Kelly Richey Band

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