Shawn Kellerman

Guitar wizard Shawn Kellerman is poised to join the innercircle of musicians who define modern blues. Traditional forms are reinterpreted — a not-so-subtle union of past and present delivered with ferocious authenticity.

Shawn understood from the beginning that true blues is a cultural tradition, passed down directly from today’s masters to the next generation. As a result, Shawn spent 5 years in Mississippi and Washington D.C., living, playing and touring with such notable blues artists as Mel Brown, Deborah Coleman, and Bobby Rush. Shawn was a regular on topdraw blues stages playing the Chitlin’ Circuit and the Five-Star Touring Scene and has performed hundreds of international gigs in over 20 countries.

These years on the road gave birth to Shawn’s trademark live stage presence, an unforgettable high-energy assault on the audience that is as much felt as heard.

Over the years Shawn has also earned the status of a highly respected guest artist for numerous live shows and recording sessions. Shawn has recently appeared on stage with W.C. Handy Award Nominee Paul Reddick and Hohner Harmonica World Award Winner Carlos Del Junco. His powerful playing was also featured on Michael Pickett’s Juno nominated CD “Conversation with the Blues” and in 2005 Shawn was invited to play at The House of Blues 80th birthday celebration for B.B. King.

Shawn’s high energy playing, deep-blue soul and original spin on a classical musical form make his show an event that will not soon to be forgotten. He is clearly a Deep Blue Innovator and we look forward to hearing him tear up the Rivoli stage.

Shawn’s latest album is Blues Without a Home, available on his website. Visit Shawn’s web site here.

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