Joe Price

Joe Price, an alumni of our first-ever blues festival, returns to provide another great set of foot stomping, good times blues. He’ll perform both solo and with his wife Vicki, shredding his guitar, stomping the floorboards of the Rivoli and delivering music that will challenge you to sit still.

Joe has the stories to back up his music’s soul. To hear the slide guitarist talk about his life – learning to play by watching Chicago blues guitarist, Earl Hooker; falling in love with his wife, Vicki, after she played music with him in a bar; nearly severing his left hand in high school and taking five years to learn to play again – is like listening to a fairy tale. Joe Price was born to play the blues.

Joe has now been performing professionally for 35 years. He was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame in 2002. He has also received the honor of appearing in the last two National Guitar Catalogues playing the “National ResoLectric Guitar”. Joe was a finalist in the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge 2006, held in Memphis, TN. Joe has 3 single CD’s released at this time, featuring his stunning slide work and original songs.

Joe’s music is flavored more to the juke joint end of the blues: a bit rough and tons of fun. He is a great example of how one learns to do stuff right – slide technique, study of the masters – and then learns to break all the rules to make his music truly unique and all his own.

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