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October 3, 2018 Wall Panels Decor

Half Wall Paneling Design

Half wall paneling was commonly found in homes during the 1970s and 1980s and has always been associated with styles used during this period. Too many, wood wall panels are outdated and can make a room look darker and smaller than it is. If you want to completely cover wall panels and make sure nobody can say that wood paneling used to be on the wall, there are some basic techniques to follow.

Vintage Half Wall Paneling

Vintage Half Wall Paneling


12 Inspiration Gallery from Half Wall Paneling Design

Image of: Wood Half Wall Paneling
Image of: White Half Wall Paneling
Image of: Vintage Half Wall Paneling
Image of: Modern Half Wall Paneling
Image of: Half Wall Paneling with Leather
Image of: Half Wall Paneling Interior
Image of: Half Wall Paneling Furniture
Image of: Half Wall Paneling for Bedroom
Image of: Half Wall Paneling for Bathroom
Image of: Half Wall Paneling Decorative
Image of: Half Wall Paneling for Home
Image of: Contemporary Half Wall Paneling

Thoroughly clean the half wall paneling with a damp cloth. If necessary, use a dye free detergent to remove any stubborn dirt. Allow the wall to dry before proceeding. Apply gypsum clay easily to the seams of panels using a flap. It’s good if you get a little on the panels themselves. Your goal is to make the wall surface completely flat. Allow the mud to dry according to the instructions of the package. Sand the surface of the panels to make sure the surface is completely flat. Wipe the area clean with a dry cloth when done with grinding.

Prime Panels. Half wall paneling has a grain that can show through several layers of paint. Use primer first to hide this grain. Begin in one corner of the wall and cut into the top, bottom and sides with a brush. Use a roller for the rest of the wall. Give the primer four hours to dry. Paint the wall. Once again, you may need to cut with a brush and finish the job with a roll. Allow the first coating for six to eight hours to dry. If necessary, repeat this step for a second layer of color. Your wall should now look like a regular wall and not a panel wall.Half paneling,

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