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October 25, 2018 Porch Railing

How to Make Porch Handrails

Porch handrails – If you have recently built a porch in your home or just completed the restoration of an existing one, the next step is to add porch handrails. Handrails give the porch a finished look and provide an aesthetic visual limit. The handrails can be left in a natural wood color, either to match the color or contrast of the porch. The task requires only some power hand tools and a weekend or two.

Beautiful Porch Handrails

Beautiful Porch Handrails

Measure the distance between each porch post to know how much wood you will need. Write down the measurements and buy enough 2 by 2 inch wood to make the top and bottom parts of the railing along with 1 by 2-inch wood for the slats. Wear safety glasses and measure and cut the wood 2 by 2 inches to form the top and bottom of the porch handrails. Cut enough 2 by 2 inch wood to fill each space between the porch posts.

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Measure and cut the wood 1 by 2 inches to make the slats. You can space the slats 6 inches apart. Lay two cut 2 by 2 inch pieces of wood between each porch post to make sure each one fits. Attach the slats to the bottom of the porch handrails with a nail gun, and then hold the top of the rail for the slats to make full section panels.

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